List in HTML

Preface Cafedev shares the List ace in HTML that allows web developers to group related items in the list. <!– – Kênh thông tin IT hàng đầu Việt Nam @author cafedevn Contact: [email protected] Fanpage: Group: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Pinterest: YouTube: –> <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <h2>List Không […]

Linux Memo

Shell Script – Remove Double Quote (“”) from a String – TecAdmin

Preface This tutorial will help you to remove start and ending double quote from string in shell script. Where the string is stored in a variable. Remove Double Quote from a String The sed command line utility helps to easily handle this. A single line sed command can remove quotes from start and end of […]

How to create a user on Linux EC2 instance on AWS and add a public key to it using a shell script

Preface Creating a user and adding a public key to it can be very tedious. In this article, we will see how this process can be automated using a shell script which can help us avoid human errors that can arise if we do the task manually. Pre-requisites Basic understanding of Shell Scripts. AWS Account […]


macOS – What Is A Podcast? – MacForBeginners

Preface Written by Mårten Björk &bullet; A podcast is an audio (or video) feed. That can be fed to your computer or to a mobile device. These feeds can be subscribed to by people who are interested in receiving regular podcasts. A podcast is a series of topical audio or video recordings distributed online using a […]